About Us

Srii Dhanapathi Bullion is a certified bullion dealer based out of Coimbatore. Srii Dhanapathi Bullion specializes in buying and selling of Gold Bullion bars and a full catalogue of Gold products.

Srii Dhanapathi Bullion purchases Gold and Silver Bars from the world's most trusted Suppliers, Refiners, Government Banks, Multinational Banks, Nominated Government Agencies, etc. and trades them at the most competitive rates in the industry. We also deal Silver products and bars from reputed suppliers. All products dealt by us are 100% Purity Certified.

The prices shown on our website or mobile applications keep changing in accordance with the international market rates. The spot prices of gold and silver are highly volatile, hence we provide you a platform where you can fix a price for the gold/silver according to your requirement. Customer delight is our sole motive and we ensure it in every transaction with utmost personal attention.